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End Times Pilgrim - Return of the Scattered on Disputed Lands

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End Times Pilgrim - Return of the Scattered on Disputed Lands

Tonight on Disputed Lands w/ Chad Schafer – Retired Anesthesiologist – writer and blogger on Bible prophecy themes.
His website is EndTimePilgrim.org and the Youtube user name is GavinFinley
Up for discussion will be the Law-Grace fracture line in Israel that gave rise to the two houses of Israel, those being the royal Jewish House of Judah that formed the southern Kingdom centered in Jerusalem and the non-Jewish house of Israel that formed the Northern Kingdom. The great break-up of Israel occurred after the death of Solomon under his son King Rehoboam. This was the Breach of Jeroboam, an epic rebellion by the ten tribes against the Throne of David in the House of Judah. Out of this would come a blood feud that has lasted 2900 years. We shall discuss the declines of both kingdoms into idolatry and then their respective captivities.
The House of Judah returned to the Holy Land. But the Northern ten tribes never did return in sovereign numbers. Nor could they have done so. In rebelling against the King who sat on the Throne of David in the Jewish House of Judah they had cut themselves off from the scepter and sovereignty of Israel. So in their scatterings and subsequent regatherings and migrations to the west they came to be were reckoned along with heathen Gentiles.
The Bible speaks of a magnificent reunion, reconciliation, and restoration of both houses in concert with the end-time harvest, an ingathering of a huge company of people from every nation race and tribe. The reunion, reconciliation, and restoration of the two houses of Israel will come along with the in gathering of a fullness from the Gentile nations into the promised fully restored Congregation / Commonwealth of Israel.

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