One In Messiah Conference 

Live Stream

Day 1 - March 16th

Vision of Oneness

(Friday, 7 PM PST)

John 17 – Sharing in fellowship and oneness we have in Christ—the same fellowship that the Son has with the Father . . . Life, Truth, and Glory . . . “That they all may be One!”

Day 2 - (March 17th)

Session 1 

(March 17th, 9 AM PST)

Love Revolution - Gaylord Enns

The linkage of New Covenant and New Commandment for every believer in Jesus--the one commandment He owned as “My Commandment.”

Radical End-times - Birth Pangs of the Messiah - Doug Shearer

“Birth Pangs of the Messiah” – Matthew 24-25 give us the most chronological accounting of the End of the Age – Why haven’t we come to terms with Jesus’ very own words regarding this most prophetic accounting? This is the generation that will witness the Church’s finest hour and Israel’s final redemption—this overview will be mandatory for the ardent prophetic researcher and believer in preparing for His Coming in glory!

The Jewish Triune God - Douglas Hamp

The Triune God as seen through ancient Hebrew/Jewish writings. So you think Christians came up with the Triune God—think again. This topic is WAY OVERDUE!

Ministering in the Prophetic - John Polli

Ministering in the Prophetic – Edifying the Body of Christ through the prophetic gift given to edify – to build up the saints of the Most High!

Practicing Oness 

(10:30 AM PST)

Practicing Oneness in Christ today - Henry Hon: "One in Messiah Conference"

“Greetings” among disparate believers as commanded in Romans 16 and the unique description of “factions” gathering as the Lord’s Ekklesia are necessary practices in order to fulfill the vision of becoming ONE.

Session 2 

(1:30 PM PST)

The Brotherhood - Gavin Finley

The full scope of the End-Time Restoration of Israel which incorporates the reunion of the two houses of Israel along with the ingathering of a fullness from the Gentile nations into the promised fully restored Congregation / Commonwealth of Israel.


The Geo-political Prophetic Climate - John Haller

Geopolitical Update – Bible Prophecy is on full throttle – Gentile World Powers are at the verge of unending war—Where does Israel go from here? Where does the Church find herself with Israel?

Overcoming Demonic Influences - Troy Albano

"Overcoming Demonic Influences” – “this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world…then shall the end come” – this will be a lifechanging encounter – you ask, “How does that look?’ Show up and you’ll see!

The Greater Exodus - Chad Schafer

The Arch of Titus: The result of prophecy fulfilled and symbol of the Exodus Reversal back into the bondage of Egypt – a GREATER EXODUS is taking place here and now!


Session 3 

(3:15 PM PST)

Unchurching the Church - Richard Jacobson

Why not let Christ build His Church? Christ told us to preach the Gospel, make disciples, and care for the poor; He never told us to start churches. So, what if we’re completely wrong about what a church is and how it is formed?

The Great Falling Away from the Faith - John Haller

The Bible speaks of the “Great Falling Away from the Faith” will happen at the End of the Age—have you noticed we’re in it NOW!

Common Wealth of Israel - Douglas Hamp

God's Divorce and Remarriage: How the Old Covenant and New Covenants are Marriage Contracts with God and Israel – this is what Commonwealth Theology is all about.


Evangelism Jesus's way - Ross Rohde

Evangelism Jesus’s Way - The excitement and passion of the evangelism of the early Church can be recaptured. But we have to do evangelism Jesus’s way.

Raising up the United Kingdom of David 


Raising up the United Kingdom of David - Doug Krieger with Henry Hon:"One in Messiah Conference"

“Not for that nation only, but also that He would gather together in one the children of God who were scattered abroad” – John 11:52 – The Almighty’s Plan in bringing all His children together—after much division – What do Acts 15, Amos 9, Romans 9 have in common?

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