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The Age of the Earth-Ancient Texts, Biblical and Archaeological Proof w/ Michael Mize

It is often said that the Bible teaches that the Earth is approximately 6,000 years old. But exactly how and where do the scriptures teach this?  This presentation walks through a number of key verses and develops a timeline that supports this concept.  It further explores scientific evidence that correlates the scriptural teachings of a young earth.  Part two in the series looks at the Biblical significance of only 6,000 years of human history and other verses that give context to such a timeline.  It further investigates what can be learned about our Heavenly Father and his future plans by studying the significance of the commanded weekly sabbath as well as the Biblical Feast Days outlined in Leviticus 23.  There are many fascinating connections between these appointed times, the prophetic last days, and the age of the earth.

Live Tonight: 9 EST, 8 CST, 7 MST, 6 PST



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