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Cursed Land of Paranormal and Occult

This is STRANGE!

Article by Jake Grant

Check out this verse,

Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

 I see many people in mainstream Christianity using this verse to disavow and shrug off the occurrence of the unexplained, defining our fight as merely an internal struggle against sin, or evil “thoughts.” This is true, but many are also under the impression that there are also physical manifestations of a spiritual realm we do not fully understand. Places where the demonic interact with our world in a stronger way. Area’s where the veil seems thinner. The spiritual forces of darkness do not stop at merely influencing thoughts in subtle ways and temptations; there is a front line where they seem comfortable enough to play a very physical role in the lives of many.

Do a Google search for areas that constantly exhibit the unexplained phenomena of UFO’s, Aliens, paranormal activity, visions, nightmares, and disappearances, and you will more than likely come up with a list very similar to mine:

Uluru in Australia

 Mt Kailash in Tibet

Macchu Picchu in Peru

Sedona in Arizona USA

Is it just a coincidence or does it seems like demons like mountains? Further research on these locations and many others around the world seem to point to the presence of spiritual portals or at least a greater propensity for spiritual activity and influence due to some geographic quality.

One such example of a “thinner veil,” and frequent “unexplained occurrences,” that came to the attention of Now You See TV is the first hand account of a man named Joseph who live in Sedona, AZ 3 years ago. The following is a condensed version of the story he sent us:


After getting tired of the Hustle and bustle of life, Joseph and his wife decided to camp and travel for a few years down the west coast and eventually settled in the naturally beautiful area of Redrock national park in Sedona, Az. In order to supplement their income they got jobs in town, Joseph as an executive chef at a rehab facility and his wife as a manager at a Café. There were always weird and interesting people to interact with, seemingly drawn to Sedona for various reasons. It attracted a gambit of personalities from around the world, everything from self proclaimed messiahs, plastic shamans, real shamans, witches, psychics, skin walkers, demons, shadow people, and even aliens.

During the time they spent there, around 3 years, they began to experience many unexplainable things. Most seemed benign or seemingly pointless to Joseph, such as weird sounds, shadow people, and experimental aircraft. There are 3-4 high tech military bases surrounding the area which could be the origins of many unexplained events, such as beams coming out of the mountains or orbs floating across the sky. However, not much prepared the couple for the first hand experience with the demonic and spiritual realm that was brought on by a witch they encountered that went by the name of “Lupe.”

Joseph’s wife started to get annoyed with a particular customer who continued to harass patrons at the Café she managed. Most people had their odd quirks in Sedona, but some had a dark and creepy side, like something was not right. One such person was this little tiny lady, not much more that 4 feet tall who had platinum hair mixed with gray highlights and continually wore a blue woman suit. She would sit in the same spot every day chanting words, and would ask patrons or those who where kind enough to give her a ride to do some form of meditation with her. Eventually Joseph’s wife became fed up with the antics and asked her to leave, suddenly the little old ladies eyes shifted to look like cat eyes and she responds in a nasty whisper, “I practice the dark arts and will kill you, why do you think your employees keep getting sick.”

Needless to say the experience shook Josephs wife, and he had to go an forcibly remove the lady from the café, it was later revealed that she had been following people into the bathrooms and transforming her face into some kind of reptilian semblance. A short period of time later the apartment next door came up for rent, several months passed with no problem. Then one day Joseph sees old lizard face coming out of the apartment directly next to theirs. The witch had moved next door.

One afternoon while taking a nap, he heard to old ladies door open, as she enters the room next door. After several minutes of drifting to sleep, he began to feel what could only be described as a cold finger tapping his forehead. He saw her face in his mind’s eye and began a mental “Tug” of war to escape whatever type of oppression she was bringing on him. Apparently she was attempting a psychic technique known as “Chording” in order to bring control over his life. Only after praying in Hebrew and calling on the name of Jesus did the attack seem to ease. Following the event strange things began to happen around the apartment, the sounds of beings landing on the roof and running about could be heard during the night, shadow people would open their doors and come in and out, the couple began to smudge the house with sage in order to help keep the darker things at bay. The witch had come to bring spiritual war, and she had strategically made herself Joseph’s next door neighbor.

It was later found out that the witch was part of a coven of three, each patrolling different areas of town doing strange and absurd things. It was as if they were all on assignment to do things at different locations. Like they were the ones in charge of some kind of spiritual circuit in that region and they patrolled it well. Joseph wandered if that was the case everywhere with similar servants of darkness, and only the fact that Sedona was a small town in a remote location that it was easy to pick up on.

Eventually due to continual prayer under spiritual oppression, after seeing night shadows, and unexplainable orbs of light that would cause excruciation headaches, the witch stopped returning home. The owner of the apartment waited a period of time, but decided to rent out the space since she had not received rent. Joseph was asked inside to help move a couch, he caught a glimpse, and these subsequent pictures of the witched abode. The lady had left some stuff in the apartment almost as if she had expected to return but hadn’t yet. After being in her apartment Joseph had no doubt that she was an evil woman and practiced exactly what she claimed.

Here are the photos he took of the room:

Scratched occult markings and depictions of demonic entities drawn in the room

On a long table by her bed was laid out a real sacrificial dagger with dried blood on the blade. The thing looked really old, like 1500’s old, beautifully handmade. It looked like an heirloom, and it was possible this lady had come from a long line of real deal nasty witches. Next to it was an abalone shell; it had ashes/some sort of herbs and a chicken foot in it. Also there was a communion set that you would find in a Catholic house with H.I.S. on an embroidered bag. In the occult the letters stand for Horus/Isis/Set. By the shell was a petrified finger. And finally what can only be described as a wizard wand.

The oddest item in the room was a poster on a tripod display. On it was a double helix strand image of human DNA and how to chemically activate something… possibly reptilian DNA? Apparently the witch drew students from all over the United States, teaching them in the mystery schools of the seven pillars of wisdom or something along those lines.


Why is Sedona, AZ so significant to these witches, and all the strange walks of life it seems to attract?

The area in and around Sedona have some of the best preserved Petroglyphs (Rock/cave art) in the world. One character that repeatedly shows up in the rock paintings is a large lizard man. The Native Americans, who live in the nearby reservations, tell stories of this evil lizard man who would come through portals along with a band of giants and terrorize the locals, sometimes taking them away never to be seen again. It is a place where people seem to experience visions and alien activity on a regular basis. I mean for real, ever category of cult, self help, fringe and religion thing you can imagine is there and thriving. Even Walt Disney had a home there next to Thunder Mountain, which is why there's a thunder mountain at Disney land.  They call it Thunder Mountain in Sedona because every time thunder booms the sound ricochets off the mountains and shakes the town.   It's actually pretty neat. 

Why is the government so interested in the area? Is it because the spiritual veil is so thin?

One of the weird things i found out about Sedona and the surrounding areas was that the Prescott valley had massive amounts of gold / silver/ copper / iron / and magna-something. Basically Sedona and the surrounding areas are sitting on a gigantic naturally made battery. I think this is why all these entity’s travel through the area and all the anomalies take place in the four corners area.  Why the military has such a high interest in the land and why people see such crazy stuff. It's free energy, A kind of Jacobs’s ladder. Where, angels, spirits, craft, creatures and entity's can travel to and fro, between worlds or dimensions. 


It's just a thought.   I think there are a few places like this in the world where the energy is different and the veil is thin. 


 We are living in a time where believers in Yeshua need to be the light in a world teaming with darkness. We are called to be truth in a land full of lies. The enemy is more than happy to lull those who could be mighty warriors into passive observers. He desires to keep us ignorant to his activities in this world. It is only through watchmen that the rest of the flock can be awoken to spiritual battles that need to be fought, strongholds that need to be broken, and giants that need to be toppled. Keep those eyes open.

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