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Ex Occultist Reborn

26 years in the occult and she lives to tell about it. We went to see Pennie in Dallas Tx. Here and her husband were amazing people with big hearts for the people involved in New Age and Occultism. Make sure to watch her video and share. 

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse.  With my first abuse memory starting at age five, I was sexually abused by eight different perpetrators - a half-brother, two cousins, a stranger on a porch, a Santa Claus, a friend of the family, an adult friend of a girlfriend, and a young man at a party. 

At age ten, after reporting and testifying to have one perpetrator sent to prison, I was given court ordered counseling.  This counseling was nothing more than reliving something I much preferred to forget.  I forgave my perpetrators, and after talking about it numerous times to law enforcement and counselors, I was no longer traumatized by the thoughts of it.

As an adult, while seeking help for some relationship problems, I stumbled across some information about how sexual abuse breaks boundaries and how those broken boundaries affect relationships.  It was then that I realized there was a lot more to recovering than just talking about what happened and how it made me feel. 

After a significant amount of recovery work and progress, I began working to help others.  I started as a volunteer through the Kempe Center and an organization called WINGS (Women Incested Needing Group Support).  I helped with research and fund-raising, led orientations for new members, and eventually went on to work with women in groups and one-on-one as a new age spiritual counselor, under the title of clergy.  Sexual abuse recovery became one of my areas of expertise and many of my colleagues referred clients to me for work on those issues.

I participated in the "Believe the Children" campaign, which involved selling buttons and bumper stickers at fairs to raise awareness that when children speak of sexual abuse, they should be believed.  I attended the meeting at the Presbyterian church in Denver where Roseanne Arnold first came out with her story of incest.  And I was given the honor of meeting Marilyn Van Derbur Atler, the former Miss America who survived incest and has worked tirelessly to help others. 

What I learned from Marilyn was that our greatest weapon against child sexual abuse is talk.  I learned that sexual abuse thrives in silence, and speaking out is like casting a light into a dark room.  It makes it more difficult for perpetrators to do their dirty deeds, and silence perpetuates the problem.

Not too long ago, sexual abuse simply was not spoken about.  It was often said that sexual abuse was not taboo - only speaking about it was.  Now, it's not quite as taboo to speak of it, but it certainly is not acceptable for survivors to admit any actual, lasting harm was caused.  If they do, they are looked down upon as unforgiving people who must have mental health issues.

You would not believe the pressure on survivors to "forgive, forget, and put on a happy face."  Survivors are allowed to talk now, just as long as it's censored.  The old rules of child sexual abuse, "Don't talk, don't trust, and don't feel," still stand.  Don't talk about how it has damaged you.  Don't trust anyone enough to be honest with them about the negative impact it has had on your life.  And don't feel that impact.  Pretend everything is still okay, or risk being labeled mentally ill.

Denial is still rampant - denial of the gravity, the depth, the severity, the permanence, and the complexity of the crime.  Society says, "It's okay.  You're fine.  Brush it off, leave it behind you, and PLEASE, whatever you do, don't TALK about it - or at least don't talk too HONESTLY about it or admit that there was anything destructive about it!  That's your personal, private business."  As if we're the ones who did something unspeakable.  We get lumped in with our perpetrators, all too often. 

With help and God's grace, I have learned to say, "It's not my secret to keep.  I did nothing wrong and I have nothing to hide." 



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