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The Preserved and Encoded Gospel of Satan EXPOSED w/ Chad Schafer

History as taught by history books is often just a distillation of the results.  This and that happened.  Even if you are given a “behind the scenes” look at what has taken place, in regards to historical records, you are given just snippets of conversations on which to make judgements of what happened.  What you have not seen is that which has been purposefully left unsaid – The religion and gospel that men in power have believed and acted upon.  Their gospel and beliefs are encoded and preserved throughout the world in both ritual and stone.  Their gospel stands in opposition the gospel of scripture.  Tonight we will expose the many ways the adversary has usurped the creation of YHVH to point to himself.

Live Tonight: 9 EST, 8 CST, 7 MST, 6 PST

The World In The Bondage Of Egypt - Under the Triumphal Arch 

The world is full of ancient structures, monuments . . . buildings. Many of them, aesthetically speaking, though appealing to look at, mean little to the average person except in their beauty in terms of artistic appeal or function. For a large majority of architects who have been commissioned today buildings are made for functionality, and purpose of use to perform a task—be it housing for people stacked in cubicles or for constructing commercial buildings, some of which rise to the sky.

Although many of these structures are tall,they utilize minute outward visual and artistic cues to separate them one from another. The

term “Cookie Cutter” is an often and apt description of both warehouse districts and subdivisions. Cost and the economy are always a factor. The thought process in the construction of these buildings has an end-user in view; what are their needs from the building in terms of use and affordability? The building is a means to the goal and its function is more important than its fashion.

Dark Covenant- Secret of Secrets


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