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I'm Grafted In- So now what?



Live Tonight: 9 EST, 8 CST, 7 MST, 6 PST

I'm Grafted In- So now what? w/ Carl Tichenor on NYSTV


Im grafted in, so now what?" Carl explores the significance of obeying Torah, and the validity of its place believers lives today.Carl


Tichenor (aka: Bro. T) and his wife of almost 29 years RoseMarie Tichenor, have been involved in the study and teaching of the roots of our faith in Yeshua for over 20 years.


About five years after our marriage in 1988, RoseMarie experienced a near death illness that started us on the r ide of our life... a Torah observant lifestyle in honor and obedience to our creator. We teach others about the roots of their faith and how to use the same ancient keys as Paul, Peter, and even Jesus to unlock the door to understand and unpack the Scriptures as God intended.




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