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Laura Maxwell

‘The Supernatural with Laura Maxwell’, started Friday, the 12th December 2014. Every other friday, a fortnightly program, from 9-10pm, London Time, repeated the next night, from 7-8pm. In the USA, you can listen via the online link below, from 4-5PM EST on Friday , or the repeat at 2-3PM EST on Saturday . Each program will also be available in an archive file, to be listened to anytime! For full details of the show, please see Ill be interviewing international guests, those who are Ex New Agers, Ex Ghost Hunters, Ex Occultists, and so on, for their testimonies on how they came to Jesus. Ill also interview those in Christian ministry who reach out to New Agers, Ghost hunters, Occultists, etc, with the love and transforming power of Jesus Christ., We will share how to more effectively witness to New Agers and Occultists too. Your prayers are very much appreciated, many thanks. A special thanks to Stephen & Val for surprising me by asking me to take this project on. I'm very honoured & looking forward to what Holy Spirit will do.

To listen to Laura's show, follow this link. Click Here

The hidden truth behind psychics, mediums, spiritualism, spirit guides, and ghosts 


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