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The Return of the Watchers: UFO and Alien Manifestations


Live Tonight: 9 EST, 8CST, 7 MST, 6 PST

The Return of the Watchers: UFO and Alien Manifestations w/ Caspar McCloud on NYSTV

"UFO disclosure is the ultimate game-change and here’s why. We are living in a post-Christian world. The Christian paradigm has been supplanted by Darwinism. However, like the movie Prometheus, this past summer explored, Darwinism does not provide any answers as to how man “got here.” Enter ET. When the so-called extraterrestrials finally reveal themselves it will be the ultimate game changer. They will tell us they created all life on this planet, genetically manipulated us, started the worlds civilizations and religions and now, at this critical juncture, they are back to usher mankind into a time of peace, prosperity and knowledge. They will come bearing gifts, perhaps a free energy source as well as an implantable chip which will give us a DNA upgrade!"


About Casper

Senior  pastor  Caspar McCloud  is  also  an  author of  such  books  as: What  Was I Thinking?  This book helps  you  take  control of  your  thought  life  in  obedience  to  Christ. McCloud  is  a  staff  writer  with  Dr. L. A.  Marzulli’s  magazine  PP&S -Politics, Prophecy and  the Supernatural. He is also the author of such books as Spiritual Encounters with the Shroud – Interviews with L.A. Marzulll and the newly released Unmasking the Future.


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