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Russian and American Relations

Today: 1 EST, 12 CST, 11 MST, 10 PST

Trump: Russian and American Relations w/ Euro Rus Founder Kris Roman

NYSTV interviews Kris Roman (Founder of Euro Rus) about the implications of the election victory of Donald Trump. 
Euro-Rus is an association, aimed at propagating the idea of a European geopolitical axis, also known as “Paris-Berlin-Moscow” axis. EuroRus proceeds from the fact that the rule of the so-called “American” governments is detrimental for all the cultures of the world and European cultures in particular. Americans of European descent as well as all the other nations of world are paying a heavy cost for the idea of “multicultural society”, imposed on them. When we talk about the “American rule” we mean those pernicious people that occupy lodges, lobbies and governments and international banks: “The Skulls and Bones”, The Bilderberg, “The Council of Foreign Relations”, The Trilateral Committee… 



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