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Now You See TV’s goal is to show the truth of Yeshua, our Messiah to the remnant in the wilderness, disciple and educate those that have eyes to see, and to present a clear line between deception and truth. 

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Unlike most big ministries we are not a 501C3. We are not able to give tax deductions for donations. We have decided against this form of ministry because there are topics and areas of research that we would not be able to speak openly about without jeopardizing our legal status.

100% of your donations go towards growing Now You See TV and monthly operating costs. Without you we would not be able to continue at the level of consistency.

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Dark Covenant- Secret of Secrets

NYSTV's newest documentary on the case that has been called "The Satanic Blue House". This film also covers a wide variety of instances and proofs that this is in fact a reality. 

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Thank you for visiting. Here you will find a variety of information. You will find information about Yeshua (Jesus), Torah, Supernatural, Ex-Occultist stories, Music, and many other things. Please take your time to look through our page and contact us if you have any questions or comments.   

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