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Now You See TV’s goal is to show the truth of Yeshua, our Messiah to the remnant in the wilderness, disciple and educate those that have eyes to see, and to present a clear line between deception and truth. 



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We appreciate your contribution and do everything in our power to be good stewards of the money that Elohim has entrusted us with. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible before the return of our Messiah.

Founder/ President/Show Host/Graphic Design

Jon Pounders

He grew up in South Texas and moved to Indiana at 14 where he has lived since.  After school he devoted his lfe to crime. He found Yeshua while in jail in 2009 and has been serving Him until this day. Jon Pounders started Now You See TV in 2010 to play out his vision of reaching the world through Media. 

Show Hosts

John Hall
He has a passion for sharing the whole Word of YHVH-Genesis to Revelation. He and his wife Patricia partners with Now You See Tv to deliver biblical teachings across the world. Their mission is to connect the family of YHVH to His Word and Messiah by following His example, worshiping the Father in Spirit and Truth.
Patricia Hall
John's wife Patricia is in charge of organization, human resources, and many other things vital to the prosperity of NYSTV.

Show Host and Researcher

Jacob Grant


He is the eldest son of a missionary family, living in the Philippines for 9 years. He returned to the United States for college, pursuing a career in public speaking and mass-media. Through the grace of God Jake was called into a faith in Yeshua in spring 2014. He began to question the inconsistencies found in the modern church which had drove him far from God.

"What is the walk of a true believer and how can I bring that into the lives of those I witness to?"

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Show Host and Natural Health

Liz Bailey

Liz has been a passionate health advocate for over 10 years. From an early age, she understood our body was to be a temple, pure and holy, however how to do that from a health perspective seemed to always be missing from the pulpit. The conflicting messages and typical Baptist buffets didn’t fit what Liz was discovering in Scripture. A natural truth-seeker, she kept digging deeper and putting all her nutritional expertise gained over the years into practice to help others along their health journey. From researching and writing to working on formulations, Liz works for a nutritional company along with her husband, Chris. Together they are blessed to share their knowledge on NYSTV’s monthly Biblical Health Show.

Show Host

Chad Schafer

Chad J. Schafer is a lay Bible researcher and author of The World In The Bondage Of Egypt with contributing author Doug K. Krieger. Baptized at 8 yrs of age he has always been a member of New Hope Christian Church where a deep love of Yeshua was richly cultivated. He has served in various roles at New Hope that include Jr. High and High School Youth Group Leader, Deacon and began a prayer ministry. Professionally he has always worked in Health Care Services in one form or another but principally in Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician Manager. His career in pharmacy began at St. Vincent Hospital where he would go on to serve in the capacity of Chemotherapy Technician Specialist for about 9 yrs. He now serves as the Pharmacy Tech Manager of a home-based Pharmacy company that serves the entire United States providing emergency prescription services to settings outside of hospital. Chad is husband to Judy and the father of five beautiful children.

Jessica Arellanes


Jessica Arellanes has been walking in the Way since 2001. She is a single mother of two children; Kristian and Tatiana. While caring for her children, she was able to return to school and attain her degree in Human Service with a minor in Drug Counseling. She has overcome her own addiction to drugs and alcohol. As a result, she carries the desire to give back to those who are still in bondage.

In 2009 she continued as a student at Liberty University where she studied in Psychology. Eventually she became certified as a Christian Lay Counselor and holds minor certificates in areas such as Ministering to the Broken Hearted, Breaking Free from Addictions, Healthy Sexuality, Marriage Works, Women and Children and more. Since then she has returned to school and is currently working on her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Jessica has a passion for the daughters of Jerusalem. Her hope is to see revival implode across the Nations.

Jessica currently works as a producer on Messianic Lamb Radio as the host of her own show Revealing the Word and Let Us Reason. She ministers to women one on one and teaches from her home on Shabbat under Kol hakallah Ministries (voice of the Bride). She also served as a prayer warrior on Lamb Radio War Room. Jessica has recently ventured into video media and is now the producer of Crossing Over; a show for women, by women, a Now You See TV production.

One of her passions (besides the Word of YHWH) is to study the Paleo (ancient) Hebrew language and the etymology of the Word prophetically through the scope of the Hebrew lense. She has had the privilege of working with many amazing women along the way and longs for the restoration of the Bride. Her aim is to serve to her fullest capacity and to serve her King faithfully. Jessica has spoken publicly in various arenas, if you would like to contact her you can email her at kolhakallah@gmail.com


Victoria Lucas


Victoria Lucas has been a believer in Yahshua since 1985 and has been perusing Torah since 2012. She is married to Ryan Lucas, a Veteran of The US Army and is a home-school Mom of three beautiful children. Ryan and Victoria were featured on the First Episode of The Exodus Road on NYSTV. This POWERFUL testimony has touched many lives and has shown the POWER OF RESTORATION in Yah’s Ways, through the example of Yahshua HaMachiac. Victoria is co-host of the woman’s show Crossing Over a NYSTV Production and is heading up The Prayer Ministry of Hope on NYSTV.      

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Michael Solomon

Art and Science, fueled by a passion for the gospel and the truth of scripture, has been Michaels life sense his early teens. Michael was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. He is the oldest of 5 siblings and they were taught the truth of Yashua and the reality of his word through-out his childhood. Michael has spent the last 39 years creating original art content, using 3D Animation, Illustration or Photography at The Eye of Solomon Productions, the graphics firm he founded with his wife, Maria. In addition to their commercial business, Michael and Maria’s primary focus is to use their God given talents to create graphic content that compete directly with the secular media and thereby equipping the saints. Their current projects are a matching card game, a virtual computer game and bible education animations.


Show Host / Observer




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